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Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture triggers the body’s own mechanisms to repair and reconstruct the collagen fibres, and strengthen and rehydrate the subcutaneous muscle. As the treatment affects the energy balance of the whole body, so it’s a treatment for both inside and out.

In a session lasting around one hour, a therapist will insert very fine, sterile needles into particular acupuncture points on the face which, manipulates the body’s energy (QI), boosts circulation, helps the lymphatic system drain away toxins and stimulates the production of new collagen.

Needles are placed strategically to tighten sagging muscles at the jaw, neck, and smile lines. Additional ordinary acupuncture needles are also placed in the hands and feet to balance the effect on the head.

With the pressure points stimulating the body’s healing energies and increasing blood flow, the skin automatically tightens and becomes smoother in appearance. Fine lines may be entirely erased, deeper lines reduced, and bags around the neck and eyes firmed.

Other positive side effects of the treatment include stress reduction, removal of sinus congestion, and a reduction in acne. The needles placed in your hands and feet may also help with other physical ailments, and you should discuss such disorders with your acupuncturist prior to treatment.

Specifically after treatment you may notice:

  • More radiant skin
  • Disappearance of fine lines
  • Smoothing of deep lines
  • Fading of age spots
  • Help reduce frown linesTightens the pores and brightens the eyes
  • Help lift sagging skin, puffy or droopy eyelids

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